In Warhawk, to Capture something means one of 2 things:


Capturing a base

  • For a transportable object (a flag, a Core), to "capture" it is to bring it back to your home base and drop it in the appropriate home base location (i.e.--run through the highlighted area at your home base). In the case of CTF, you cannot "capture" the enemy flag unless your own flag is currently in its home location. If your flag has been taken, you'll have to wait until either the enemy is killed and your flag is returned (return by standing next to your dropped flag for long enough), or until the enemy "captures" your flag at their home base, at which point your flag is respawned back at your home base.
  • To "capture" a base (as in Zones, etc), you must go to the central flag or node that serves as the capture point for that base, stay near the capture point, and hold your ground against enemy assaults while the Capture Meter goes through the progress of emptying-out of any enemy color and becoming filled with your team's color. Once captured, your teammates can use it as a spawn point, which can be very useful.

In addition, "returning" your flag in CTF is a little like capturing. 1 teammate must stand near the flag long enough for the progress bar to finish and your flag then goes away and re-spawns back at your home base.

Notes on CapturingEdit

  • A base cannot be captured if an enemy is also standing near the capture point.
  • At the start of the game, there are no vehicles or weapon pickups at bases until someone performs the first capture of that base.
  • A base is captured faster the more teammates that are near the capture point. You do not need to exit your jeep or tank to capture a base. You DO need to exit a warhawk however.
  • Your home base can never be captured. However, it can be affected/"damaged", for instance in Zones, an enemy can go to your home base and can reduce it's point value by reducing it's capture level. This can hurt your team's scoring a lot until your team fully controls your home base capture point again.
  • Don't stand still while capturing! You are in enemy territory until the base is yours and cleaned-out. Run small circles around the capture point, scanning in all directions for lurking enemies trying to kill you.
  • In Zones you don't have to stand next to the capture point the whole time. See the Zones tips for details.
  • If you really want to succeed in your capture, stick a Bio-field generator on the capture point so you're less likely to get killed while capturing.