Instructions for Playing Edit

In Deathmatch (DM), choose to fight as either a Eucadian or Chernovan soldier and take down as many enemies as possible. Once the match is complete, the individual with the most accumulated combat points wins the match. Players can spawn an unlimited number of times within one play session and can spawn at any base on the map.

Strategies for Winning Edit

In addition to following General Strategy advice...

  • Learn how to use the rifle well - See the rifle article for tips on how to use
  • Use mayhem to your advantage - Large groups often present easy kills...find a large group and strike them using the binoculars
  • Knife is a great weapon for small maps in Deathmatch.
  • Close Corridors, The Badlands, and South City are the three most played maps on Deathmatch in Warhawk

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