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Hmm... that look like a good hiding place

WTF!?! You were in the dumpster!!! - Surprised PSN user.

The DumpsterEdit

The dumpster in Warhawk is true to it's name, in every map there is at least one dumpster. These dumpsters make for excellent hiding places, as you can enter in the top, and then crouch to become completely camoflouged.

If an enemy is chasing you, simply hide in a dumpster and the enemy will be guessing as to where you went. The dumpster cn also be used to surprise attack enemies.

Things to be careful for:Edit

  • If you are in the dumpster but are facing an open area, whatever weapon you are holding will be visible outside of the dumpster. To prevent this, simply face in a different direction, and go towards the middle while inside the dumpster.
  • Make sure to CROUCH inside the dumpster! Only by crouching will you be camoflouged to the naked eye.
  • Your name will still appear to allies and also enemies if they look directly at the dumpster.
  • Don't hide in the dumpster if you have collected material, the flag, or are the hero. You can easily be spotted while in the dumpster.
  • The dumpster is bulletproof (i.e. sniper rifle, pistol, and rifle bullets cannot penetrate it), but is still vulnrable to the majority of weapons in Warhawk (including the knife). For this reason, the dumpster isn't meant to be used a shield, only for a hiding place.
  • You cannot fire a weapon while crouched in the dumpster. You can if you stand up, but at the cost of your camoflouge and movement (you're a sitting duck!).
  • Keep your eyes peeled for dumpsters! They often appear in secluded areas, but (for example, the home base in Island Outpost) are also in open locations.
  • There are two types of dumpsters, one you can enter inside of, and the other you can't. Make sure you simply look at the top of the dumpster to tell the difference.

Fun ideasEdit

  • In deathmatch or very small stages, the dumpster is an invaluable ally (at least for instant LOL's).
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    Practically invisible!

    Dumpster's are usually found on the edge of corners. If you are being chased, turn the corner, and quickly jump on top of the dumpster to get in. The enemy will go around the corner looking for you and you're not there!