Red outlined Wrench.

Gives 400 Ammo, up to a maximum of 400.

The WeaponEdit

It was added by the patch 1.3 and replaces the knife in the players inventory. If "ammo" runs out it will switch back to the knife.

Can be used to Repair or damage vehicles.

Will replace the Knife in the Weapon selector, Radar invisibility untouched.


If there's no Rocket Launcher nearby or a Turret the Wrench will be your Weapon of choice for taking down Vehicles.

When hitting a friendly or empty vehicle you will repair it expending ammo in the process.

If you hit an enemy vehicle it will damage it and regain ammunition.

Same effect on soldiers as the knife.

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Repair your teammates
  • Attack vehicles & turrets - Run up to a Tank and start whacking it, keep whacking and if the driver bails quickly enter it and blow him away. Or get on top of the tank and hit it.
  • Field Wrench has a longer reach than the knife - The field wrench is perfect for knife duels, because the wrench has a longer reach and gains priority over the combat knife

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