Ticked at your crappy team? Bored of trying to win? Wondering what to do after giving up on an impossible opponent? Feeling just generally angsty or mischievious? Vent it using the art of "'griefing"'.


Griefing is intentional frustration of your own teammates, either by assisting your enemies or hurting your team. Griefing first developed in the multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2, and is currently rather rare in Warhawk. This is partly because part of the fun of griefing is listening to the abuse of your teammates via voice chat.

If you accidentally screw up and hurt your team somehow, this is not griefing. Griefing is done with full intention.

You can often spot griefers if a "suicide" bulletin appears with strange frequency, because dragging down players with you is the easiest and fastest method.

Griefing Methods and Tips

  • "'Off the Cliff'" - Have a buddy hop in a vehicle with you, then careen over a cliff to certain death. Usually works best in 4x4s. Enhance the reaction and likelihood of success by driving toward key enemy points as if to raid them and looking for death sites very close to the roadside.
  • "'No More Missiles!"' - Firing missiles at the ground as close to you as possible results in the splash damage removing the turret. Get rid of precious missile turrets this way. It's also possible to pick off your teammates using missiles.

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