(The jetpack was added by the Fallen Star expansion pack)

Characteristics Icarus Mk 1 Personal Rocket Pack. Edit

Found in Daedalus Rapid Assembly Device D-RAD that are identifiable by a smoke plume above. Also shown on your map as a kind of white square with a diagonal slash through it.


Is not a weapon, has no physically offensive capabilities.


Can be equipped easily, offering an advantage for any troop because it both increases speed and gives height advantage.

Player can carry flag with jetpack, and use any troop weapons.

Player can fly as high as a Warhawk.  

You can use it to eject from a warhawk while in-flight.

How To UseEdit

Basic instruction on how to use a jetpack can be found here at Sony's blog.

Double-tap R2 for a boost. If you double-tap & hold you will keep boosting until the boost meter runs out. L2 keeps it hovering.

Fun StuffEdit

The dispenser which gives you the jetpack has the omega dawn logo on it implying that it is made by the omega factory


Offensive StrategiesEdit

(the most common/useful/important tips are near the top)

  • Dodge missiles - Rockets lock on to it, but it has a boost which dodges it, if a rocket locks on, boost for your life!
  • Run like The Flash - You can run in short bursts like a super-hero if you hit the boost (double-tap & hold R2) while pushing your left analog stick forward (like you're walking)
  • Jump to the Sky - Similar to the above tip, if you double tap R2 and hold it, without moving the left analog stick, you can boost upwards.
  • Attack from up high - Hover and use the Automatic Rifle to shoot soldiers walking around below you. If you get the drop on them, they're toast. Or fly up to a high spot and snipe away. Beware of warhawks. Also a good way of attacking tanks, it's hard for them to get you unless they get you with splash damage from a wall behind you. So stay away from walls, and tanks are sitting ducks.
  • Avoid airstrikes - If someone's targeting you with binoculars or a Cluster Bomb drops on you, a jetpack boost is a great way of getting out of the danger zone in a hurry
  • Attack hovering warhawks - Fly up to a hovering warhawk and toss a landmine onto it or hit it with a wrench!
  • Beware warhawks - Warhawks can ram you, also their machine guns can lock onto you, so they have many ways to easily kill you. You may not want to spend much time hovering too high in the sky.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Use flak turret - Shoot fliers with the AA Turret
  • Use RPG Rocket Launcher - The RPG is the only rocket luncher that can lock on players with jetpacks; this works only if the player is in the air, if he is on the ground with his jetpack, you can't lock on