Still in the experimental stage, the XK-2 Directed Energy Weapon has yet to be fully authorized for battlefield deployment. Drawing power from an ultra-high-charge ceramic capacitor, this energy weapon can be fired in either short-range Arc-Mode or in full-charge Electro-Plasma Blast Mode. Arc-Mode can be extremely useful in tight dogfights when missile systems are not as effective. Once triggered in this mode, the XK-2 lashes out with an electrical arc that is nearly as effective as a single warhead deployed from an AAS-21 Swarm Missile System. The Electro-Plasma Blast Mode is geared for very different uses. Traveling at hypersonic speeds, the blast will continue to cause damage once it has struck a target, arching to any metal targets that come within its area of effect. Only once the Electro-Plasma Blast has expended all of its energy will it stop damaging its surroundings.


Lightning engulfed Cylinder.

Gives 10 ammo for a maximum of 10.

The WeaponEdit

Two firing modes makes this gun an asset to be reconed with.

Single shot, tap L1, fires a single Lightning Bolt at your target. 10 hits will destroy a warhawk.

Charging it up, only at full ammo, Hold L1, will release a big bolt of lightning that will damage any Vehicle and turret where it hits for a set amount of time. 1 hit will take away about 3/4 of a warhawk's health.


Single shot is quite good against Enemy Warhawks.

The Charged shot clears out a medium sized area of Mines, Vehicles and Turrets. It will take out about two thirds of the health of a ground troop with a direct hit, though it will not continue to damage them afterwards. It will also stick to a vehicle when it hits.

A fully charged shot will shut down a deployed Shield generator. Fully charged lightning has infinite range just like the tank cannon but is not affected by gravity

Fun StuffEdit

Like said, Mines will be cleared out, maybe you happen to be lucky and wipe out some Soldiers with them too. The charged gun can be used as a shield against TOW missiles, which cannot enter its field of electricity without exploding


Also check the tips on the warhawk page

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Destroy vehicles - A charged lightning gun strike is good for wiping out vehicles near the blast.
  • LG + machinegun - If you're shooting lightning gun at a warhawk, since you're already aiming to keep the reticle on them, you might as well be shooting the machine gun at the same time for a quicker kill.
  • Fire in bursts - Even though one fully charged shot can do a lot of damage you will only have that one shot, fire in bursts to ensure more accurate damage.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Run - Get out of whatever vehicle you're in and run like you've never run before!!!!