There are 2 kinds of anti-air turrets in the game, the Missile Turret, and the AA Turret


Twin Missile Launcher with huge armor plates on both sides.


Twin Surface to Air Missiles.

Contains 2 Missiles, Medium reload time. The missiles has a reticle range of 1 km. For those of you who dont use metrics, It is 0.625 miles(3,300 feet. 1,100 yards).


Good for anti-air defense, lock on and fire away, if not dodged the missiles will kill a full health Plane. One missile takes half of the HP of a Warhawk.

May be "dumb-fired" with no lock-on.

Even great against ground targets, including tanks, jeeps, troops, other turrets, etc killing them if you get a direct hit.


Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Reduce your visibility - When you enter a turret, you are visible on the map to everyone. This means pilots can decide to come after you, and ground troops can decide to take you out as well. It may be useful to regularly leave and re-enter a turret. If you exit it while it's reloading (or re-generating it's "health" subsequent to an attack), then you're not going to show up on radar and so can avoid being a big ole' target. Then, when it's all ready for action again (or if you see some choice targets coming your way), hop back in.
  • Fire at close range - If you wait until your locked-on target is close before releasing your missile, they'll have less time to react.
  • Run fast! - If you come under fire, it's usually a bad idea to try to get off "one last shot". Run from the turret!
  • Don't suicide - Do not fire too low, or you may just suicide yourself. Also, some Missile Turrets are placed in a not-so-convienient location, sometimes one or both missiles will hit the big Zone Flags or other obstacles just as you fired them.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Mine it - Sneak up and throw a mine at it.
  • Rocket Launcher-Two shots of the rocket launcher will destroy it.