Patch 1.3Edit

Patch 1.3 was released on Wednesday, 2nd April 2008. It added 5 things, and created a major problem.

New additionsEdit

Mechanic's field wrenchEdit

The field wrench allowed troops to fix unmanned and friendly vehicles, and destroy vehicles manned by your enemy. It looks like a big ratchet, with a red outline. It replaces the knife, but it has all the benefits(invisible on radar, one hit kill), but it has 400 points of 'ammo' to use for reparation or destruction. Usually, these are spent 30 points at a time. When all the ammo is gone, it switches back to the knife. Usually, when somebody jumps on a tank to take it apart, the driver will be killed inside the tank, or the driver will flee and the wrench will start reparation, allowing the assailant to hijack it.

Bio field generatorEdit

The bio field generator will recover allied troops' health, and damage enemies. It is useful when you are outgunned and outnumbered in a firefight. However, it does not make you invincible, so normal one hit kill conditions still apply. The pickup looks like three circles with a purple outline. It replaces land mines, but if you have both, it is indicated by a green asterisk where they are stored in the weapon selector, and you can switch.

VOIP enhancementEdit

Two things were included to enhance VOIP(voice over internet protocol). You can now see who is speaking on the right side of the screen, under the map, and they also added better VOIP servers, though I'm not entirely sure of that. Also, players can now allow both teams to talk with each other, if they are creating their own server.

Home launched gamesEdit

Servers launched from Home show up as gold in the server select screen.

The problemEdit

When 1.3 took effect, the team balancing on servers screwed up. If team balancing was on, you couldn't switch teams, and if it was off, you could switch teams, meaning incredibly unfair matches. If a player tried to create a server, none of these options were available. This was fixed in 1.31, released shortly after this problem was apparent.