There are 4 kinds of points:

  • Points you earn for yourself as a player:
  • Combat points - earned during the game by killing enemy; 1-3 points depending upon what & how
  • Team player points - earned during the game by doing various team-oriented activities; for instance, you personally earn 25 team points for capturing the flag
  • Bonus points - awarded after the game finishes, based on various accomplishments; for instance, if your team wins, you'll get the 50pt Winning Team ribbon
  • Points you earn for the team:
  • Team points for the team - points earned for the team; the team with the most points wins; for instance, the team gets 1 point if someone captures the flag.

The "player points" are one key piece to increasing your rank

To learn how to earn team & combat Points in Warhawk, visit, or buy the official hint book.

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