The game allows you to earn a player Rank based on your accomplishments in ranked servers. "Rank" also is sometimes used to refer to your rank on the leaderboards...players with more points are ranked higher on those leaderboards.

For servers that limit access based on rank, a higher rank can make more servers accessible to you (for instance, in the U.S. there are 24 Rookie servers but 36 Standard). Higher ranks are also given more ways to customize the look of their troop or warhawk.

Ranking-up: Advancing in rank requires points, + awards. The point and award requirements you can lookup in the game at
Online: Community: Profile: Rank Advancement
That will show you what the requirements are, and which ones you've met/not met.

To see how to earn points, visit the Points article. The fastest way to rise in rank is to do things that help the team win...capture the flag or cores, help the team win so you get the 50pt Winning Team ribbon, etc.

Cheating: Be aware, if you try to "game" the ranking system to rise in the ranks faster (Stat Padding, etc), the developer has decreed this as cheating and if you're caught, an arbiter might reset your rank, ban you, etc.

This info is also available in the official hint book.

Tip: Before going online make sure to complete the training

The Ranks:

Rank / Points required / Award required

  1. Recruit / 0 / None
  2. Airman / 100 / None
  3. Airman 1st Class / 500 / Bandit Teamwork
  4. Sergeant / 1,250 / Warhawk Recruiting
  5. Chief Sergeant / 2,500 / Bandit Ground Combat
  6. Wingman / 5,000 / Bandit Air to Air
  7. Wing Leader / 9,000 / Bandit 4x4
  8. Sergeant Major / 15,000 / Bandit Tank
  9. Command Sergeant / 25,000 / Warhawk Aerial Gunnery
  10. 2nd Lieutenant / 35,000 / Distinguished Air Superiority
  11. 1st Lieutenant / 50,000 / Team Cross
  12. Commander / 70,000 / Combat
  13. Captain / 90,000 / Air Combat
  14. Major / 110,000 / Warhawk Exemplary Service
  15. Air Marshal / 130,000 / Warhawk Executive Award
  16. Command Marshal / 155,000 / Warhawk Service
  17. Lt. Colonel / 180,000 / Distinguished Combat
  18. Colonel / 210,000 / 100 Warhawk Wings
  19. Brigadier General / 240,000 / Presidential Meritorious Conduct
  20. General / 275,000 / Distinguished Air Combat

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