An indispensable piece of electronics, the Series-7 Stealth Avionic Package scrambles an aircraft’s RADAR and LIDAR signature. Once activated, enemy missile systems will be unable to acquire target lock and the aircraft will not be visible on other player’s mini-maps. The only downside: it requires a significant amount of power to operate and can only be sustained for short periods of time.


Dark Yellow pickup with a three tiled Logo in it, looks like a stylized T.

Gives 100 Ammo up to a maximum of 200.

The WeaponEdit

Renders your plane invisible on the map, and harder to see by the naked eye.


Good for sneaking into a Base and hammering a T.O.W. into the group thats defending the Flag or trying to return it. Also good to use for reconnaissance. Or to drop off an infiltrator or flag-grabber.

Beware though, you will be quite loud and the outline of your plane is still visible, although you cannot be seen on the radar.

Fun StuffEdit

Missiles that lock on to you before you turn on stealth will still hit you if you don't dodge them, turn it on when no one's around. stealth runs out fast so be careful.


Also check the tips on the warhawk page

Tips on UsingEdit

  • Lose your pursuers - Scan your full-size map, if you see someone following you, you can hit the stealth, get behind a mountain face, and any missiles the have locked on have a chance of hitting the wall. if they have no missiles locked on, you can just sit there and they'll lose you.
  • Stealth to health - If you're injured, stealth, dodge, then head off in safety to a health pickup, or land and repair your plane.

Defensive TipsEdit

  • In a plane - You can still see the enemy so machine gun him or use the Lightning Gun and don't let him out of your sights.
  • On the ground - Get in a flak turret and blast away!