The AAS-21 Fast-Tracking Active Radar Swarm Missile System multi-target weapon can deploy a maximum salvo of eight warheads, either “stacked” on a single target or distributed among several simultaneously. Despite its multiple warhead yields, each warhead delivers only a fraction of the damage and armor penetration of the more heavy-hitting missiles. Additionally, the in-flight targeting avionics are not as robust as the AA-19, thus making it easier to shake off.


Green outlined Missilepack, three missiles stacked.

Gives 5 Ammo for a maximum of 15.

The WeaponEdit

Swarm Missiles that lock on to any Plane and even AA and Missile Turrets.

Up to eight Swarmers can be locked on. 8 is enough to destroy a warhawk.


Planes are the most obvious choice as targets but you can even try to harass Vehicles with them. But you won't have a lock on them.

Fun StuffEdit

Firing one or a volley of eight will not affect the reload time. It always takes the same time to load up to fire again.


Also check the tips on the warhawk page

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • Start by firing only 1 - Fire just 1 swarm and see how your enemy reacts. If they chaff, now you know you can quickly fire some more before their chaff is ready to go again. If they show themselves to be an expert dodger, maybe you'll switch to Lightning Gun. If they panic & run, you might decide there's ample time to lock on a Homing Missile. etc.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

  • Learn how to dodge - If you don't know how to dodge try power sliding, then doing loops and rolls at the same time, then use the left stick and move in different directions, just make sure you practice with this or you will be running into cliffs all of the time.