The Badlands is a map in a desert set up to demonstrate desert warfare.



The only people crazy enough to inhabit the Badlands are the military conscripts sent there to fight over the desert's rare minerals. The central fortress is the regions critical tactical chokepoint- Map information

The badlands has quite rare minerals for making vehicles and ammunition. It is the only arena, along with Destroyed Capitol, that does not have the out-of-bounds covered with ocean. It is somewhat a good place to sharpen your sniper skills, but it doesnt have a good number of sniper spawns. It is quite good for playing zones, as it has a small number of them to manage.

The Badlands has only 5 capturable zones, the most important one being the fortress, as it has 4 planes. The fortress has 2 binocular spawns, each on the rocks outside the fortress. Theres also 2 spawns on the northern and southern bases, though it can be quite hard to find. It is interesting to note that if you are playing "Skirmish" in ctf, theres a 3rd T.O.W. Missile, it is found just where one of the cluster bombs are. It has a total of 6 layouts, 5 can be played in ctf and tdm. The badlands is a great place to make your tow missle kills, because theres 3 if you play skirmish.

Starting from the Eucadian home in the north, the five capture-able bases in the full layout are numbered 1-5.


The climate is obviously desert. High temperatures and low humidity are common in desert type areas


The Badlands has 6 layouts; 5 of which can be used for playing team games.

  • Desert Warfare The main map of the whole badlands. Completely symmetrical.
  • Supply Chain The layout without the main bases. Again, symmetrical.
  • Skirmish The 2 bases surrounding the fortress, fight for control of the fortress to win. Completely symmetrical.
  • Northern front A rarely played game, The red team is on the fortress, and blue is on the northern base, not a fair game.
  • Fortress Team fighting in the fortress chokepoint, symmetrical.
  • South city The southernmost base. Do anything to win the deathmatch-only arena.


  • In the beta version, the climate was darker and it appeared cooler.