Warhawk 1995

Warhawk (1995) cover art.

Warhawk (1995) is an arcade-style futuristic game for the PlayStation. The game has many similarities to Warhawk (2007), but it has no multiplayer. It also has no saving feature so you have to enter a password to continue your progress.


Warhawk is a vehicle simulation game. You play as two pilots, Hatch and Walker, fighting against Kreel and his minions whose powers derives from Red Mercury. You play on a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing), like a Warhawk/Nemesis. It also have similar controls. It has six levels in complete.

You can't save progress. Instead, you must enter a password to continue the game.


The game involves defeating Kreel and his army. He is powered by a substance known as Red Mercury. Depending on the ending it will end in these ways which include (but are not limited to) a costly nuclear war, Kreel choking to death on a chicken bone, a happy ending selling "I survived the Red Mercury war" baseball caps, both pilots being served as the main course at Kreel's grand victory ceremony, or Hatch being brainwashed by the Red Mercury and becoming Kreel's willing servant and destroying the mothership and remaining planetary defense forces.