Weapons that soldiers or warhawks can pickup.

Weapons for foot soldiersEdit

There are eleven Weapons for Soldiers.

Default Equipment Edit

Combat Knife
Pistol, Unlimited Ammo
Two Grenades

Ground Pickups Edit

Wrench, 400 Ammo
Grenades, 2 Ammo
Model 18 Automatic Rifle, 200 Ammo (40 + 160)
Rocket Launcher, 6 Ammo
Flame Thrower, 60 Ammo
Land Mines, 4 Ammo
Bio-Field Generator, 2 Ammo
Sniper Rifle, 7 Ammo
Binoculars, 2 Ammo

Weapons for warhawks Edit

9 Weapons for Warhawks.

Default EquipmentEdit

One Chaff
Five Swarm Missiles

Air PickupsEdit

Chaff, 2 Ammo
Swarm Missiles, 5 Ammo
Homing Missiles, 3 Ammo
T.O.W. Missile, 1 Ammo
Lightning Gun, 10 Ammo
Cluster Bomb, 2 Ammo
Air Mines, 2 Ammo
Stealth, 100 Ammo
Aircraft Health, partial or full repair

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